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Corinium Language Associates has been providing translation and interpretation services since the 1980s and during this time, we have built up a network of professionals with diverse skills, experience and languages. Below is just a sample of our successful projects.



Russian to English / English to Russian Various documents ranging from just a few words to a project of over 70 PDF files (approx. 46,000 words) for an automotive engineering firm.

English to German and Dutch

A product catalogue for a multinational mail-order company, comprising numerous stages and a tight schedule due to printing deadlines. Approx. 35,000 words per language in Excel format.

Mandarin to English

Information from a foreign website required for research purposes. Approx. 5,000 words.

English to Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish

A series of training documents on safety procedures for a CD ROM. Approx. 17,000 words per language in Word format.

English to Scandinavian, Eastern and Western European languages

Website content for companies in various industries.



Ad-hoc interpretation

For instances such as company employment disputes and patient appointments at regional hospitals. Languages include Turkish, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Punjabi, Hungarian, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Thai.

Simultaneous interpretation

Between German and English, with interpreter's booth and audio equipment, for a week-long training session on the mechanics of an air-conditioning system.

Consecutive interpreting

Between Russian and English, for a day of meetings, press conferences and interviews.

Over-the-shoulder/whispered interpreting

Between English and Italian for a visiting delegate.

Other Language Projects

Other Language Projects

Bengali to English

Transcription and translation of a televised advertisement.

Sign Language Interpretation

Liaison between an employer and a deaf employee.

Proofreading & Audio Testing

This involved testing the oral instructions given by a satellite navigation system in Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and proofreading approximately 10,000 words in Excel format, in the above languages plus Russian and Arabic.

Sales Testing Programme

Linguists acted as “mystery buyers” to test the service provided in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Benelux, Russia and Scandinavia for distributors of a major IT company.

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