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All our language training solutions are tailored to your individual needs, providing a balance between your language training and your other commitments.

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Ongoing Training

If you can spare only an hour or two per week, or would like to learn a language over an extended period of time, we provide tuition on an ongoing basis. Typically, this would be weekly sessions of 1-2 hours, however the delivery format can be flexed to fit in with your business schedule. This would usually take place at your company premises, or if you prefer, at our Language Centre.

Intensive Language Training

An intensive course is designed to accelerate progress towards a short-term goal, or as an immersive boost at the beginning of a longer-term learning programme. It can be flexed to fit in with your schedule, but typically would comprise 30 hours’ tuition spread over 1 week. Intensive courses normally take place at our Language Centre, allowing you to take advantage of our dedicated learning environment away from the distractions of your workplace, however we can deliver training at your premises, if this is more convenient for you.

Private Language Training

We are happy to organise private language courses at our Language Centre for individuals, partners, small groups of friends etc., who wish to learn a language for social, leisure or holiday purposes. We will organise a professional, customised programme on a one-to-one or private group basis.

Semi-Intensive Training

If your business constraints do not allow full-time attendance, we can provide semi-intensive language training courses spread over a longer time frame, with tuition delivered over the course of a few weeks, or for example intensive day or half-day sessions to fit in with your work schedule. These can take place at our Language Centre, at your company premises or at any other suitable location.

All tuition is on a one-to-one or in-company group basis.

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