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Our cross cultural awareness training is designed to respond to your requirements within the context of your business. Where relevant, case studies and examples of your own experiences are used to explore the nuances of the cultures in question.

Course Content

The content of each workshop or course is tailored according to your needs, and will blend theory with practical exercises designed to ensure active participation and thus more effective learning.

Workshops can cover the the following: business environment, business etiquette, working practices, communication styles, negotiation, cultural do's and don'ts, history, geography, peoples, religion, politics, society, gender issues, languages

Format of your Training

Your training will be designed to fit around you and your people’s particular learning needs, existing level of cultural awareness, availability and budget. We can deliver workshops from 2 hours to 1 week in duration. You tell us what you need, and you can rest assured that we will customise the content accordingly.


Our cross-cultural awareness training can be delivered at your company premises, at our Language Centre here in Cirencester, or indeed anywhere within the UK with suitable facilities for holding a workshop.

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