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In today's international business environment, it is not always enough to speak your client's language - it is also essential that you understand their culture, as success can often hinge on questions of cultural etiquette. We can help you communicate more effectively, forge stronger relationships and break down barriers with your foreign clients.

Alternatively, you might have a multicultural team within your business that could be working more efficiently together, if only they had a greater awareness of each person's cultural differences.

Cultural Awareness Workshops and Briefings

Our cultural awareness workshops are designed to help you overcome these issues by gaining a better understanding of the cultures and people that you are dealing with. Workshops are customised to your specific requirements, timescales and budget.

We offer a range of highly interactive, fast paced training, such as ‘quick dip’ 2 hour workshops to equip you with some basic tips and tools, ‘semi-immersion’ 1-2 day workshops, through to ‘deep dive’ 3 days+ intensive briefings. Uniquely, we can offer workshops with or without a built-in language taster element.

Whether you are preparing for a secondment abroad, leading a multi-cultural team or liaising with colleagues and clients from another culture, we can equip you and your people with cultural tools for international success.

Our Cultural Awareness Trainers

Our cultural awareness trainers are experienced professionals with a background in business and training. They have experience of living and working in the UK and abroad, and are often natives of the countries and cultures in question.

For examples of our cultural awareness seminars, please view our Case Studies.

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